HaMerian Life Style

“Una Vita Da Hameriano” litteraly is “A life as an Hamerian”.
Who is the Hamerian?
The Hamerian* is an individual who has fallen into the world of New German Medicine by Dr.Hamer and, since then, has not emerged anymore.
From the first amazement in front of the 5 Biological Laws, even without fully understanding them, he quickly turned into an irrepressible evangelizer, turning his own life upside down.
On the wave of an uncontrollable enthusiasm, he tries to integrate as best he can a huge amount of shocking information, often with awkward attempts of verification and application in his daily life. He sees everything on the contrary, especially in terms of health: this fact draws his destiny in the society at the beginning of the millennium. Ultimately, the Hamerian spends a misfit existence, marginalized by both friends and family, misunderstood and a bit unscrewed, who seems to live in an own parallel world, with no contact with reality. Till now.
From the friction of these contrasts, civilian complexities, copious anecdotes, paradoxical behaviors and circumstances (often amusing if not comical) arise… these experiences unite the numerous Hamerians who certainly will recognize themselves…
Observe him and learn to know him, because he’s the mirror of the times that will be.

*We read with a ‘M’ very “fat”, as if it were double: “Hammerian”.

The original site is in italian language.

There’s a spanish version too, in early beta.